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Motto! No matter what shape or size you are I have been designing classic clothing with that individual flavor for over 25 years.

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One Off Fashion Collection

I am a free-spirited entrepreneur who has designed thousands of garments over the years.
I specialize in One Off Originals giving that individual touch to your wardrobe collection.
This garment is part of my One Off Designer Collection.

Digital Self Help E-Books

I am a freelance writer and designer of self help ebooks and videos.

Sharing the steps I followed when I transferred my business online after the Christchurch Earthquakes in 2011.

After purchasing many online business starter kits for a small fortune, way back in 2009.

I decided to share my knowledge on how I run a successful online business which all owners can duplicate at a fraction of the cost.

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Supporting Kiwi's to generate a second income throughout this Covid 19 Reboot Recovery.

I locked in as a Maree Designs Sales Rep.  After my first week  talking and e-mailing Maree I am now 100% behind everything Maree designs.

Thank you for all the opportunities you have opened up for me and every other Joe Blog.

Mary Hati

Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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Add customer reviews and testimonials to showcase your store’s happy customers.

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You can view all my feed back from over 1000 satisfied customers at Trade Me.

Member since 2003.

Branching out with Shopify

Maree Wells

Trade Me testimional from  one of my satisfied customer. Gorgeous garment. You're a genius. You're amazing too. Thanks very much.

Cuisle! Caroline

I Have Over 2106 positive feed backs at Trade Me.

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